Comfortable Living Room Designed Around a Wonderful Art Collection

The Living Room and Dining Room were designed around a wonderful inherited art collection that was both meaningful and dramatic. In addition, the rooms had to be user friendly for a family with two teenage girls and many friends.

From the Client, Karen Mucha

We had had a few negative experiences with decorators and a friend recommended Gail. We were hesitant at first but Gail truly listened to what we wanted to do with the house. She did not impose her taste upon us but spent a long time trying to understand how we wanted the house to look and feel and then suggested a plan. She never "pushed" any product or idea. She would bring us samples to look at and if we did not love it she would suggest we keep looking. She always said "if you do not love it do not order it." She was very patient with us when we were having a hard time articulating what we wanted. We ended up with rooms we love. We also feel that the choices and taste reflect us, as opposed to being someone else's taste dropped into our house. We had inherited some paintings and Gail incorporated them beautifully. The rooms Gail did for us are functional, elegant and comfortable. We could not be more pleased with the result. She also was sensitive to cost and worked with us when we said we might love a piece and know it was perfect but felt it was more than we wanted to spend.

My faith in decorators has been restored through working with Gail. She is a lovely and kind person. We love how our home turned out. We use all the rooms and feel special when we do. Gail is a great resource for us and working with her has been a truly positive experience.
- Client, Karen Mucha

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